Customers of the Tumble Dryer of Whirlpool Could Wait a Year Before Getting Repairs or Replacements Done

Customers who’ve bought the Whirlpool tumble dryer have been left out to dry by Whirlpool. They might need to wait an entire year for replacement and repair of their faulty device. Fire chiefs warned that the Whirlpool tumble dryer is a fire hazard. That’s the gist when it comes to tumble dryer fixing for Whirlpool. To be more specific, there are dryers out there that have caused a huge tower block blaze after extended usage. Owners of fire-risk dryers are still waiting for their refunds, replacements, and repairs.

A Probe on the Tumble Dryer

* A probe on the Whirlpool dryer and its fire hazard tendencies has revealed that Whirlpool is on the process of repairing an estimated 5.3 million machines in the United Kingdom after the fire-inducing tumble dryer defect has been proven to exist last October. In light of the sheer number of tumble dryers to be fixed, it’s understandable why it’d take so long.

* Get in touch with professionals and save money, try However, there are many manufacturers who’d simply do a recall of their faulty appliances and just take the whole thing as a net loss on their part. This is especially true of devices and equipment that can end up causing danger to their owners (like Pintos having a tendency to cause fire because of its easy-to-damage gas tank).

* So far, about a million of the 5.3 million dryers out there have been repaired or replaced, according to a statement released by Whirlpool to The Sun. Dryers under the brand names of Proline, Creda, Indesit, and Hotpoint, tend to catch fire due to the accumulation of fluff and lint within the dryers on top of friction caused by excessive spinning.